Orangetheory Promotion

With the New Year comes new goals, whether we call them resolutions, intentions, or “things we’re hoping we still remember by February 1.” About two-thirds of Americans who make New Year’s resolutions include fitness goals as part of them, yet almost 75% of them give up before meeting those goals. But here at Bernstein Orthodontics we want to see you succeed! Whether it’s a straighter smile, a smaller size in jeans, or better overall health, we’re starting out 2017 by teaming up with Orangetheory Fitness to offer you the kind of inspiration you can stick with!

All about us

Choosing an orthodontist is a big decision. As our patient, we want you to feel comfortable with us, knowing that we always have your best interest at heart! Part of that is having a practice philosophy that guides each member of our team, influencing every decision we make.

  • We believe in providing treatment only when it’s necessary, and at the most opportune time to achieve only the best results.
  • We believe we can treat most patients without having to pull teeth.
  • We believe in providing the most comfortable treatment possible, avoiding headgear and fixed palatal expanders.
  • We believe in the kind of efficient treatment that means fewer appointments for you, leading to fewer absences from school or work, and shorter overall treatment times.

Our Bernstein team is passionate, committed, and determined to not only improve our patients’ smiles, but our community, too. You’ll catch us out and about at most local events, and we sponsor many school and youth activities, like fun runs and soccer games. We love healthy hearts as much as we love healthy smiles!

All about Orangetheory Fitness

Orangetheory Fitness has been hailed as the best one-hour workout in the country by everyone from Shape and Men’s Health magazines to “The Today Show.” The “theory” is that staying in the “orange zone” – 84-91% of your maximal heart rate – for 12 to 20 minutes of your high-intensity interval training workout will keep your metabolism ramped up post-workout. Imagine being able to burn calories for up to 36 hours after your visit to the gym. Is it any wonder there’s so much buzz about Orangetheory?

Dr. Bernstein + Orangetheory Fitness = Total Transformation

For the last eighteen months, Dr. Bernstein has been attending Orangetheory classes twice a week at their Santa Rosa gym. Prior to joining Orangetheory and beginning his fitness journey, Dr. Bernstein was overweight and out of shape. Through Orangetheory’s unique approach to interval training and calorie burning, Dr. B is now a fitness enthusiast who encourages health and wellness! In the past year, the Bernstein Orthodontics team have been so inspired by Dr. B’s journey that they’ve joined up with Orangetheory as well. Due to his dedication and inspiration, Dr. Bernstein was recently recognized as the Orangetheory Fitness Member of the Week.

Bernstein Orthodontics + Orangetheory Fitness = New Year, New You

For a limited time*, Bernstein Orthodontics are offering braces with no down payment and for only $129/month. With this easy payment plan in place, there’s never been a better time to brace yourself for the perfect smile!

Not only that, but right now, any new patient who shows us their Orangetheory membership card will receive $250 off treatment plus FREE professional teeth whitening.

Need even more motivation? For a limited time, any current Bernstein Orthodontics patients will receive one FREE class plus 50% off a heart rate monitor at the Santa Rosa Orangetheory Fitness location.
This is a cross-promo everyone can get behind!
With easy payment plans, hi-tech braces, and most insurance plans accepted, Bernstein Orthodontics is ready to make 2017 the year to make your smile really stand out. Voted best orthodontic team in the North Bay area for ten years in a row, you can be certain you’re getting top-notch quality care from our dedicated and experienced staff.

If you’re looking to get fit and feel better about yourself, Bernstein Orthodontics + Orangetheory Fitness are offering the perfect pairing to start this year off right. For more details, contact our Santa Rosa or Windsor offices for further information, or to schedule your free consultation!
*Offer valid through 3/31/17. New patients only. Cannot be combined with other offers or discounts. No cash value. Some restrictions. See locations for complete details.