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Meet Dr. Rael Bernstein

Proudly Serving the Santa Rosa & Windsor Communities Since 2002!


As an orthodontic patient himself, Dr. Bernstein realized the life changing benefits of a confident new smile. His own orthodontist helped to teach him the important life lesson that the more effort he put into an endeavor (wearing his headgear) the more he would get out of it.

Motivated by this lesson and a new confident smile, a young Dr B. started making more friends, and putting in the additional effort to achieve higher grades and doing better at sports. Helping to build someone’s confidence and sharing the lesson he learned during his treatment as a child, is what inspired him to become an orthodontist.

Dr. Bernstein was born and raised in South Africa and attended the prestigious Wits Dental School finishing top of his class, while also representing his university and country in sports. He then completed his orthodontic specialty residency at the State University of New York, Buffalo, being awarded the prize for the best-treated orthodontic case in his residency.

Following his residency, he accepted a fellowship position at the University where he became a clinical assistant professor in the orthodontic department. Dr. Bernstein continues to teach at many Universities to this day, having lectured at SUNY Buffalo, University of the Pacific San Francisco, and UCLA where he is currently on faculty. He also lectures at seminars and conferences both regionally and nationally and has hosted many in office courses for residents and orthodontists.

Dr. Bernstein is considered an innovator and visionary in the orthodontic field. He developed and patented the Berni-Brace which is used world wide for Phase1 early treatment on kids. He has been practicing orthodontics for over 25 years.

Dr. Bernstein is married to his bride Debbie, also a dental specialist, and they have two teenage daughters. They love spending time as a family, traveling and adventuring. Dr. Bernstein enjoys daily early morning workouts, and also likes to skiing on snow and water, playing golf, reading and is an avid sports fans.


Every dentist has completed a minimum of seven years of college education and is fully licensed to perform dental procedures.

Many dentists are now performing orthodontic treatment on patients, sometimes at a lower price.

But, what you may not realize is an orthodontist has two to three additional years of education and more than 3,000 additional hours of training focused specifically on orthodontics.

When you think about what’s involved with orthodontic treatment, it makes sense to trust a specialist.

Orthodontics involves not just straightening teeth, but treating underlying conditions of the jaw and facial irregularities. Orthodontics is partly an art form!

Just as you would see a cardiologist for a heart condition, you should leave your orthodontic treatment to a specialist.