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Our treatment philosophy is what guides our practice and every decision we make. Our patients can rest assured that we have their very best interest at heart.

  • We believe in providing treatment ONLY when necessary and ONLY at the most opportune time to achieve the best results.
  • We believe most patients can be treated WITHOUT pulling teeth.
  • We believe in providing the most comfortable treatment which means no headgear or fixed palatal expanders.
  • We believe in efficient treatment which means fewer appointments (fewer absences at school/work) and shorter treatment times.





We aspire to remove as many barriers as possible for as many people as possible in the communities that we serve, thereby improving their access to care. We love to help people smile.



We do not just want to play the game, we want to be the best and win. We celebrate our victories, but are never satisfied with our accomplishments. This ensures that we do not become complacent. We relentlessly pursue excellence in everything we do from the quality of care to the quality of patient experience. 



We are different by design and want to challenge the boundaries of what has always been done or thought possible. We perpetually monitor all aspects of our organization in order to find opportunities for improvement. We embrace and welcome change.



We realize that none of our objectives would be possible without our superior teams and their cohesive teamwork. We ensure that our teams have the highest possible quality of life by providing a fun and upbeat work environment that is motivational, with a fair rate of pay, and quality time outside the office with family and friends. We encourage our teams to strive for personal and professional growth. 



We are driven by passion and purpose before profit, however we understand that in order to do what we love and support our communities, we must operate productively, efficiently and profitably. 



To make a difference in the smiles we create, the lives we touch, and the communities we are privileged to serve.



At Bernstein Orthodontics, our central focus is to create and maximize VALUE in everything we do.

We create and maximize VALUE for our patients by providing innovative, industry-leading, progressive treatment at an affordable price for everyone, by removing all potential barriers to treatment, having the best-trained staff and doctors, by maintaining welcoming clinics that are clean and orderly, by respecting our patients time by staying on time with appointments and overall treatment, and by changing our patient lives for the better by creating big, beautiful smiles. 

We create and maximize VALUE for our fellow Teammates by providing unsurpassed training and development. By creating a fun and enjoyable work environment, by defining clear obtainable goals, holding each other accountable, and by supporting and encouraging each other daily.

We create and maximize VALUE for the Communities we serve by always giving our time and resources to help who are underserved, by supporting youth to help maximize their potential, and by donating our dental expertise to those who may not otherwise have access. 

We create and maximize VALUE for our Company by always looking for opportunities for growth, by taking acceptable risks we believe are in the Company's best interest, by not being afraid to fail and giving every opportunity our all, and by making the best decisions and action on behalf of our Patients, our Teammates, Communities, and Bernstein Orthodontics!