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With all the advances in technology in recent times, you have all kinds of options with braces.

With our self-ligating braces technology, our metal braces are smaller and move teeth faster than ever before!

Self-Ligating Metal Braces

At Bernstein Orthodontics, it’s our philosophy to provide patients around Santa Rosa and Windsor with the most advanced and progressive treatment methodologies.

This ensures your treatment is comfortable, efficient and successful.

self-ligating brackets

Several years ago, Dr. Bernstein learned about a new self-ligating technology and has since implemented the technology in his practices.

He remains passionate about the technology and travels all over the U.S. to teach other orthodontists and dentists about this revolutionary system.

Clear21 Typodont

Metal Self-Ligating Braces

The braces of the past were bulky, uncomfortable and pretty unattractive!

As far as technology goes, orthodontic treatment options have come a long way. We’re excited to offer you the latest self-ligating braces options.

Our Pitts 21 self-ligating braces are a revolutionary treatment option that provides greater comfort, faster results, and fewer appointments. What’s not to love about that?

They’re also the most popular braces option at Bernstein Orthodontics. If you don’t want to wear braces for a long time, these braces are smaller and will move your teeth faster than ever before.

self ligating braces
self-ligating braces
self-ligating braces

Because of the advanced technology of these self-ligating brackets, the wires do not need to be adjusted nearly as often as other braces. That means you’ll spend less time in our office and more time enjoying life with your new smile.

Schedule your FREE consultation to see if self-ligating braces would be a good fit for you!

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