Dr. Bernstein Featured in Orthodontic Industry Publication

Dr. Thomas Pitts is a world renowned lecturer and clinician and is highly recognized for pioneering the use of passive self-ligating bracket technology and for his continued teaching of orthodontics. A long time mentor and friend, Dr. Bernstein shares in Dr. Pitts treatment philosophy in creating beautiful, wide smiles using passive self-ligating braces technology.

“Dr. Pitts helped open my eyes even further to the differences between straightening teeth and creating incredible smiles,” says Dr. Bernstein.

In recent times, Dr. Pitts began using a new passive self-ligating bracket created by OrthoClassic. Once the news had spread about the greater reliability and results of these new brackets, Dr. Bernstein decided to make the switch for the benefit of his patients.  You can read more about “The Big Switch” in the online version of Dr. Pitts’ and OrthoClassic’s Magazine for industry professionals titled “Pitts’ Protocol”!

Using the new H4 self-ligating bracket system, Dr. Bernstein is seeing better results for his patients. After all, that’s what we’re all about here at Bernstein Orthodontics. We strive to use the latest treatment methods to get our patients the results they deserve in the most efficient and non-invasive manner.

Click the image below to read the article about Dr. Bernstein’s switch to the H4 bracket!

Pitts Article