Our Doctor

Our doctors are highly trained to deliver exceptional results for our patients. You’ll walk out of our office with a beaming, confident smile. If you should have any questions before, during or after treatment, our doctors and team members are happy to assist you!

Meet Dr. Rael Bernstein


Dr. Bernstein was born and raised in South Africa and attended the prestigious Wits Dental School finishing top of his class. He then completed his orthodontic specialty residency at the State University of New York at Buffalo. Following his residency, he accepted a fellowship position at the University where he became a clinical assistant professor in the orthodontic department.

He yearned for a climate similar to South Africa so he decided to relocate to Southern California, where he met his wife Debbie, also a dental specialist. He opened his first orthodontic practice shortly after.

Dr. Bernstein is committed to excellence in orthodontics. He has lectured nationally on self-ligation and early interceptive treatment to other orthodontists and dentists. He strives to provide the latest and greatest to all of his patients in a friendly, upbeat atmosphere.

In his spare time, Dr. Bernstein enjoys racing go-karts, working out, snowboarding in winter and devoting himself to his wife and two daughters by going to birthday parties, ballet recitals, gymnastics classes and more.

“I totally understand that I will not be cool forever, so I am to take full advantage while I am still cool in their eyes!”


Why Choose a Specialist?

Every dentist has completed a minimum of 7 years of college education and is fully licensed to perform dental procedures. Many dentists are now performing orthodontic treatment on patients, sometimes at a lower price. But what you may not realize is an orthodontist has 2 to 3 additional years of education and over 3000 additional hours focused specifically on orthodontics.

When you think about what’s involved with orthodontic treatment, it makes sense to trust a specialist. Orthodontics involves not just straightening teeth, but treating underlying conditions of the jaw and facial irregularities. Orthodontics is sort of an art form!

Just as you would see a cardiologist for a heart condition, you should leave your orthodontic treatment to a specialist.

Remember, all orthodontists are dentists but only 6% of dentists are orthodontists!